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Online materials for TESOL and Language Teaching


This wiki was originally part of the "Evaluation and design of TESOL materials" course on MSc TESOL, but is now being used as part of the MSc Language Teaching option course "Online Language Learning".


To be able to edit on this site, you must be given access. Click on the "edit" tab, and you will be redirected to a "request access" page. Fill in the details required and please also indicate who you are, and then the tutor will give you access.

The task for the evaldesmat workshop is on Evaluation and design task February 2014

The task for the week following the lecture and workshop is on Continuing tasks

Add your comments on the task to Task comments


A suggestion: we should keep the front page as a list of links to the other pages, so that we don't have a problem being able to find pages. So please not delete information and links on this page! There is another wiki you could use just to find out about how a wiki works - go to the "sandbox" wiki on http://eval-and-design-sandbox.pbwiki.com/ 

Use the sandbox to play around with ideas


If you want to create your own wiki, you'll find a link at the foot of this page to "create your own wiki". This particular host is PBwiki. There are some other possible ways to set up a wiki: you could try wikispaces, or pmwiki.

Could you use a wiki with students? Comments about using wikis


important: if you use a website for ideas, or use a slideshare presentation, or use photos, or take anything else from somewhere on the WWW, you MUST acknowledge your source. Some people will allow you to use their materials - often they will mark this with a "creative commons" licence. Check what creative commons means on their website.


About file storage

To make the wiki easy to use, try to avoid adding a file as part of a page. This is awkward because the person reading has to click on another link, and it also has the problem of taking up storage space for the wiki. On a previous workshop, someone's photo took up almost all of the storage space for the whole wiki. Some files may be deleted so that we have space for essential things and so that we can add more pages.

If you want to prepare ideas on a Word document first, copy the content from the document and paste it into a wiki page (don't upload the document as a file).

If you want to add a powerpoint presentation, or photos - best to put these on a different site first and then link them to the wiki so that you don't use up our storage space. For powerpoint - try Slideshare; for photos try flickr




Pages about using the www for information / resources

The British Council "Learn English" website - Rania, Garyfallia, Daniil, Iliana

Using videos with a class - Ali and Toshie


Teaching resources - collected for Scottish schools

Flashcard for beginner level -- Jesslyn and Alison P and Anne 

Cendy, Ivy and Lawrence - useful web sites



Hamdy 2008 - about management


Creating materials

flickr - creative ideas with photos


making films

Hot Potatoes - Alison T, Florrie, Jeanette, Kim, Poca

blog post about creating materials online

Teaching Materials -- McGRADY

new materials (mindmap from 8th February)




Ideas for planning EFL lessons


Virginia and Vicky 

Joanna and Wendy : Sites for teaching English

What the technology offers: our comments on blogs, wikis etc

Useful links for creating lessons - ting and yu



An Acrostic Poem 





Pages for teachers

Using statistics


kimo is speaking about piloting  

MijinErickaJaehoon - Puzzlemaker

Nik Peachey's blog has interesting ideas about using technology

LT Scotland pages on learning resources

How do you make sure children are safe using the WWW?

video for people afraid of computers

IEP ( Individual Education Plan )  McGRADY

wiki etiquette - how to make sure your pupils use wikis sensibly





Pages about theory

SAMR model 

SAMR for tasks

Gilly Salmon's resources

SAMR task for news

Trial 001: cute kittens!

take a break

Letter to Santa Claus - Writing Acitvity

Speech on The Importance of Environmental Protection- Writing Task

create your own picture book: movie review

How to write a Thank you letter 

How social media changed the way we consume news

Finding your penpal around the world!




Example of a powerpoint first loaded to Slideshare, then embedded here:













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